Episode #100: My Dinner With My Homeboy Toby

August 9, 2017

Brian is joined by mark for episode 100! They review a 37 year old movie and attack Steve's taste, they also break down every summer movie, and Mark pitches a new TV show.


Episode #99: R.I.P JD

May 19, 2017

Brian is joined by Mark Kellogg, and Dennis Rodrigo of the Trekking Podcast! They discuss gay genies, statues, WW1, Mark impresses a comedy legend and more!


Episode #98: The Chickens Come Home To Roost

April 13, 2017

Brian is joined by Mark Kellogg, and Biggie! They discuss politics, comics, Colossal, the Mc Pick 2, and chickens come home to roost.


Episode #97: Salt, Pepper, Ketchup

March 25, 2017

Brian is joined by Steve, and sparingly his roommate. Brian has a run in with a local celebrity, they discuss Pittsburgh, Beauty and The Beast, Iron Fist and more!


Episode #96: Amish Mafia

February 20, 2017

Brian is joined by Steve! They discuss religion, the Amish, Kanye West, Bear attacks and more!


Episode #95: We’re Really Funny

January 25, 2017

Brian is joined by Steve and Mark! Mark hob knobs with the big wigs, Brian talks about his declining state of being, Steve does BJJ, a new super hero is created, Tibetan throat singing is discussed, and more! 


Episode #94: Solo Electric

January 20, 2017

Brian is joined by nobody! Can Brian rant and rave for 40 minutes on Facebook live? Find out with this episode right here!


Episode #93: Rat Boy and The Eccentric Coke Head

January 9, 2017

Brian is joined by Mark and Steve! Brian rages over Meryl Streep, The IRS, and Russia. Steve tells stories of his old career, and Mark makes friends with some legendary celebrities.


An MC Brain Christmas

December 25, 2016

Brian's punishment song.


Episode #92: 2016 THCH Christmas Special

December 24, 2016

It's a star studded Christmas special! We're joined by Bitter Paul Mcartney, Donald Trump, Lil Diddy, Bill Cosby, Mark Walhberg, Mark Kellogg, Steve, Raymond, Ariel, Andrew, and Santa! We play games and celebrate Christmas THCH style.