Episode #92: 2016 THCH Christmas Special

December 24, 2016

It's a star studded Christmas special! We're joined by Bitter Paul Mcartney, Donald Trump, Lil Diddy, Bill Cosby, Mark Walhberg, Mark Kellogg, Steve, Raymond, Ariel, Andrew, and Santa! We play games and celebrate Christmas THCH style.


Episode #91: Gobble Gobble MF’er Thankskilling Special

November 25, 2016

Brian is joined by Steve! They watch the legendary holiday movie Thankskilling! 


Episode #90: They Don’t Really Care About Us

November 14, 2016

Brian is joined by Mark! Mark takes a victory lap, political slogans are discussed, movies and more!


Episode 89: 6 Degrees of Billy Zapka

November 6, 2016

Brian is joined by Mark and a special guest Dennis Rodrigo, host of the Trekking Podcast! Brian and Mark fight about politics one last time before the election, Dennis tells some great stories, and Brian mulls over a possible return to stand up comedy.


Episode #88: Curve The Baby

October 17, 2016

Brian is joined by Mark Kellog, Biggie, Andrew, and Steve! Podober continues with Cringeworthy, the gang also discuss Birth Of A Nation, and The Magnificent Seven.


Episode #87: Oh Wow…

October 10, 2016

Brian is joined by Mark, Andrew, Matty Cohen, and Biggie. They discuss the local rap scene, politics, being ignored by the local arts community again, Podtober AKA the Podcast war begins.


Si vis pacem, para bellum

October 1, 2016

Brian is joined by Steve! They discuss the oncoming war, reptilian elite, lumpy hot sauce cookies cutting class and more! Also, as per Brian's begging to kick off the show here's a link to vote. Please write in The Howard Carter Hour! 


Episode #86: Cake Of Smiles

September 27, 2016

Brian is joined by Mark and Biggie! They interview Alex Merced who's running for NY Senate, Canadian Nazi's, talk about a black metal town, and their most humiliating things they've done for women.


Episode #85: The Deplorables

September 17, 2016

The worst podcast ever continues! War is declared, offensive content is reviewed, and the new Blair Witch movie is watched.


Episode #84: One Hand Washes The Other

September 10, 2016

The THCH Trio is reunited! Mark has a haunted cell phone, one of us joins a cult, we talk about the seedy underbelly of the internet, and more!