Episode #80: Pokemon Go Away

August 6, 2016

Brian is joined by Mark Kellogg, topics include Pokemon Go, Wonder Woman, The Munsters Today, the seedy underbelly of the internet and more!


Episode #79: Star Trek Beyond (Nerd Rage)

July 22, 2016

Brian and Mark watch the new film Star Trek Beyond, they break down the movie and give a review!


Episode #76: Presidential Dick

March 12, 2016

Brian is joined by Steve! They reminisce about gay shower sex, and an incident with a dead animal. We also shout at each other over politics, and more!


Episode #75: Legend Of The Monster Man

February 12, 2016

Brian is joined by Mark Kellogg. They discuss Super Bowl controversies, the Monster Man of the NHL, Oscars and more!


Episode#74: In Defence Of Evil

January 7, 2016

Brian brings a new game to this guest star packed episode!


Episode #73: Star Wars The Force Awakens

December 18, 2015

Brian and Anthony see Star Wars The Force Awakens! We don't like it! Hear us break down the story and give a review!


Episode #72: Fonzie Jumps Stuff

December 1, 2015

The classic THCH trio is reunited! We talk about Thanksgiving, ISIS, and one of our members learns about the 70's! 


#Episode #71: Hello

November 16, 2015

Brian is joined by Steve! They discuss modern music, the new Bond movie, Spectre, and more!


Episode #70: The Gremlin

November 12, 2015

Brian is joined by Steve, Ant, and Will Couchon! We talk about LSD, and a bunch of other stuff check it out!


Episode #69: Steve B: Shame Of A Nation

October 24, 2015

Brian is joined by Steve and Ariel! They discuss, adult babies, pedophiles, Indigenous People, physics, and more!